Xkimo St MSA (TH47 to 142nd Avenue) Reconstruction IP24-05

  1. Background
  2. Project Updates

November 3, 2023

A public open house meeting for the Xkimo Street Reconstruction project will occur from 6:30 – 7:30 PM on Thursday December 14, 2023, in the Lake Itasca Room at the Ramsey Municipal Center. The purpose of the meeting is to present information to owners of the properties that are directly impacted by this project, which is proposed to be reconstructed in 2024.

An informal presentation detailing the proposed project, along with funding sources will be shared. 

September 21, 2023

Xkimo Street, between Highway 47 and 142nd Ave., has been selected for reconstruction in 2024 as part of the City of Ramsey’s Capital Improvement Program. Some work will need to be done within the MnDOT right of way along Highway 47; this will potentially impact traffic flow at the traffic signal. The total length of the Xkimo Street reconstruction will be close to three tenths of a mile.

Sanitary sewer, watermain and storm sewer all exist within this project area. City staff is not aware of any issues with these existing utilities. Though, during the reconstruction the City does intend to clean and video the pipe structures, along with performing leak tests to the watermain pipes and fire hydrants. If any issues are found, City staff will make the proper recommendations to either repair prior to the street reconstruction or during the reconstruction of Xkimo Street (depending on the severity of the issue).

The reconstruction of Xkimo Street project is proposing to carry out spot concrete curb and gutter replacements and a full-depth reclamation process. Based on the sub-soil conditions, a pavement section of 4-inches new bituminous over 6-inches recycled aggregate base will meet the 10-tons MSA (Municipal State Aid) strength, as required by MnDOT.

Project Timeline 

Hakanson Anderson has prepared the engineering design, including final plans and specifications for this project.

Below is the projected project timeline:

August 22, 2023 - Ramsey City Council authorized to prepare plans and specifications.

September – October 2023 - Hakanson Anderson performs geotechnical and topographic surveys.

October 2023 – January 2024 - Hakanson Anderson prepares plans and specifications for Xkimo Street

January 2024 - Ramsey City Council approves plans and will authorize bidding to contractors.

February 2024 – March 2024 - Contractors will be able to bid on the Xkimo Street Reconstruction

May 2024 – June 2024 - Xkimo Street Reconstruction will begin.

Summer 2024 - Xkimo Street Reconstruction will be completed.