2023 Crack Seal Improvements IP 23-08

  1. Construction Update
  2. Project Update
  3. Background

Updated June 10, 2023

During the week of May 29, the Contractor finished the work. The project is now considered complete and came in 10 percent under budget. Staff will have a discussion with the Public Works Committee for a recommendation on how best to use the remaining budgeted pavement maintenance funds.

Updated May 26, 2023

During the week of May 22, the Contractor began work on the project. Multiple crews have been in town and, to date, have finished area A and portions of B & D. Work will continue following the Memorial Day holiday.

Updated May 12, 2023

On May 5, 2023, the City held a pre-construction meeting with Northwest Asphalt and Maintenance, the Contractor constructing the improvements. The purpose of the pre-construction meeting is to review the Contractor’s proposed construction schedule, to share contact information, to review the status of permits, and to discuss relevant construction-related procedures, processes, and requirements.

The Contractor is proposing to begin work the week of May 22 and will likely have multiple crews working in town simultaneously. They are generally proposing to start work on the city's west side and work towards the east. No Parking signs will be posted 24 hours in advance of the work. Cars in the posted "no parking" areas are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

This is a moving construction process with minimal impacts. The process includes first blowing material out of the cracks within the street, filling the cracks with bituminous material, and covering the material to protect it from traffic while it cures. The streets are opened up to traffic almost immediately after application.