Food Trucks

Do you own a food truck? The City of Ramsey is looking for food truck vendors for our upcoming parks and recreation events. Please fill out the form below if you are interested. 

The form must be filled out at least 21 days in advance before the date of an event you would like to attend. Filling out this form does not guarantee attendance at the event. Selection of food vendors is made at the sole discretion of event staff. A staff member will be in contact with you after they receive your form. 

More events will be added to this form throughout the year. Please note, Happy Days will have a different application process. Please visit the Happy Day's website for more information. 

2023 Food Truck Interest Form

  1. Upcoming Events

    Please select the event(s) you are interested in attending. 

  2. Art Fair
  3. Summer Concert Series

    6 pm - 8 pm | $25

    We are primarily looking for dessert trucks for the concerts. 

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