2023 Neighborhood Pavement Overlay Improvement, IP23-07

  1. Construction Update
  2. Project Update
  3. Background

June 30, 2023

During the week of June 26, the Contractor finished all concrete pedestrian ramp improvements as well as milling and paving of the streets. The Contractor made repairs to several irrigation lines impacted by the pedestrian ramp replacements, even though it was not required by their contract to repair.

During the week of July 3, the Contractor will complete the sawing and sealing of concrete curb cracks and restoration.

This project is considered substantially complete.

June 16, 2023

During the week of June 12, the Contractor removed the concrete curb, gutter, and concrete walk as necessary for ADA-compliant pedestrian ramp replacements. The contractor began pouring the new concrete curb and gutter.

During the week of June 19, the Contractor is proposed to finish pouring the new concrete curb and gutter and to begin pouring the new concrete pedestrian ramps. On Monday, June 19, the Contractor will adjust the manhole castings within the streets. The streets will remain open to traffic during manhole work. Please use caution; there may be temporary restrictions as the work is going on. Pavement milling is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, June 21. Please avoid parking on the streets during the milling operations. The streets will remain open to traffic. However, temporary access restrictions may occur as the equipment passes driveways and intersections. 

June 10, 2023

The Contractor is proposing to begin construction Monday, June 12. Initial construction will include removing the spot curb, gutter repairs, and pedestrian ramps. After removal, new concrete will be installed.

May 12, 2023

On May 11, 2023, the City held a pre-construction meeting with North Valley, Inc., the Contractor constructing the improvements. The purpose of the pre-construction meeting is to review the Contractor’s proposed construction schedule, share contact information, review the status of permits, and discuss relevant construction-related procedures, processes, and requirements. 

Project Schedule:

North Valley discussed the following main construction processes and preliminary schedule with the City:

Week        Process (duration)

June 5       Setup traffic control (1 day)
                  Remove and replace spot curb and pedestrian ramps (10-15 days)

June 12     Grout storm sewer catch basins (3-5 days)
                  Adjust casting and gate valve covers within the pavement (3-5 days)
                  Pavement milling (3 days)

June 19     Topsoil and restoration of disturbed boulevards (1-3)
                   Pave new bituminous (2-4 days)
                   Saw and seal-cracked concrete curb and gutter (2-3 days)
                  Project clean-up (2 days)

These process timelines are estimates and some may overlap or expand.

Irrigation/invisible fences

The majority of work on this project will be limited to street surfaces though some work will occur within the City right-of-way behind the curb where spot curb replacement, pedestrian ramp replacement, and storm sewer catch basin work is needed. If you have a below-ground irrigation system or invisible fence, please mark your pipes, wires, and/or sprinkler heads with flags or stakes to assist the Contractor in preventing or minimizing damage to your system during construction. Free flags are available at the Engineering Department in the Ramsey Municipal Center located on the second floor. To help ensure that your system will not be damaged during this project, please relocate sprinkler heads and other system components located within the construction limits, which City Staff will locate for you upon request.

Access to property

No road closures are anticipated, and property access will be maintained as best as practical during construction. There may be times when access will not be immediately available due to construction, such as when work is proceeding past a driveway and during bituminous street patching.