Whispering Pines Estate Plat 3 St. Reconstruction, IP 23-10

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September 25, 2023

During the week of September 18, the Contractor paved the new bituminous pavement across the entire project.

During the week of September 25, the Contractor is scheduled to restore the boulevard areas impacted by the project, including placing seed and hydro-mulch, weather dependent.

September 13, 2023

To date, the Contractor has completed the installation of the new storm sewer culverts and has been working on restoration around the culvert ends in the ditches. On Wednesday, September 13, the Contractor began final tolerancing of the aggregate base to bring the base to final grade before paving. This work is anticipated to be completed on Saturday, September 16. Please note that the City of Ramsey Code allows standard working hours Monday through Saturday (7 am to 10 pm) on all construction projects.

The Contractor is scheduled to begin paving the new bituminous pavement on Monday, September 18. Paving is anticipated to take 2 to 3 days to complete. During the paving operation, there may be short periods of access limitations to driveways and side streets, generally 10 to 20 minutes as the equipment passes. It may be driven on once the pavement has been rolled and compacted. After the pavement is placed, the Contractor will final grade the impacted boulevard areas with topsoil and place hydro-mulch and seed to establish new turf.

August 31, 2023

To date, the Contractor has reclaimed the existing bituminous pavement and underlying aggregate base and has begun hauling off the excess reclaimed material. The excess reclaim material is being stockpiled and will be re-used as aggregate base for the Central Park Main Parking Lot Reconstruction project, beginning in September, after Labor Day. The remaining reclamation material not hauled off will be re-used on-site as the aggregate base for the new pavement. Shaping and tolerancing of the reclaimed material will begin on September 11. This is anticipated to take three days to complete. Paving will occur after tolerancing is complete but has not yet been scheduled.

Additionally, the Contractor has been removing and replacing the storm sewer culverts under the streets. Most of the culverts have been replaced, and the work is anticipated to be complete by Friday, September 1.

August 15, 2023

On August 14, 2023, the City held a pre-construction meeting with Landall Services L.L.C., the contractor performing the improvements. The purpose of the meeting was to review the contractor’s proposed construction schedule, share contact information, review the status of permits, and discuss relevant construction-related procedures, processes, and requirements.

Pre-Construction Meeting Update

Construction Schedule – The contractor plans to start work on Tuesday, August 15, with preliminary items such as traffic control, construction staking and erosion control. The impactful construction is proposed to begin on August 21. The work will be substantially complete by September 29, 2023. To be considered substantially complete, the new bituminous pavement must be in place and the restoration of boulevards must be started. Please be aware that contractor schedules are subject to change due to many factors, including weather, construction interruptions, and possibly other project commitments.

Landall Services L.L.C. discussed the following main construction processes with the City:

Week                 Process (duration)   

August 14          Project staking (1 day)
                             Gopher One State Locates (1 day)

August 21           Reclamation of the existing bituminous (2 days)
                              Street culvert replacements (5 – 10 days)

August 28           Haul off excess reclamation material (3 - 5 days)

September 11   Shape and tolerance aggregate base (3 – 5 days)|
                              Place new bituminous pavement (2 – 3 days)

September 18    Restoration of the disturbed boulevard areas (3- 5 days)
                              Miscellaneous clean-up (2 – 3 days)

These process timelines are estimates and some may overlap or expand.

Access to Property – during construction, access to driveways and streets may be partially restricted during regular working hours. During these times, walk-on access to all properties will be maintained by the end of each workday. The project does not propose the replacement of driveways or driveway culverts. If you have special access needs during construction, please get in touch with the Engineering Department as soon as possible so we can work to accommodate your needs.

Irrigation / Invisible Fences – this work may impact private lawn irrigation systems and inground invisible dog fences. Relocating and/or repairing systems within the public right of ways as needed to accommodate construction is the property owner's responsibility. If you have a below-ground irrigation system or invisible fence, please mark your pipes, wires, and/or sprinkler heads with flags or stakes to assist the Contractor in preventing or minimizing damage to your system during construction. Free flags are available at the Engineering Department in the Ramsey Municipal Center, located on the second floor at the above address. To help ensure that your system will not be damaged during this project, please relocate sprinkler heads and other system components within the construction limits, which City staff will identify for you upon request.