Pavement Rejuvenator Improvements, IP 23-09

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Pavement Rejuvenator Imange 2

Rejuvenator Use History

In 2019, the City Council indefinitely suspended sealcoat improvements due to observed pavement stripping under sealcoat issues, which caused approximately the top inch of pavement to strip away from the underlying pavement. These striping areas initially show as small spots on the pavement's surface but quickly migrate across the pavement into large sections.

In alignment with many other metro cities confronted with these same pavement issues, Staff feels pavement rejuvenators will provide the most significant overall benefit at the lowest cost. The City is proposing to use Reclamite, a maltene-based petroleum product that can penetrate into asphalt pavement and restore reactive components (maltenes) that have been lost due to the natural oxidation process.

Reclamite has been used nationally for more than 50 years and is proven to add five to seven years of service life to pavements. The application is intended to be performed on pavement that is five years old or less. 


2023 Proposed Rejuvenator Improvements

View a street segment summary for the 2023 Pavement Rejuvenator Improvements map. The project proposes to cover 4.04 miles (87,850 square yards) of bituminous pavement across 5 MSA street segments within the City. Because of a more extensive crack seal improvement program in 2023, Staff focused on MSA street segments, which will use MSA maintenance funding. The selected pavements are six years old or less and include reconstructed and overlay street segments.

More information on Reclamite can be found on Corrective Asphalt Material’s in the brochure.