Ramsey Rules

Current Watering Restrictions

To reduce peak water usage in areas served by the municipal water system, the city has enacted an odd/even sprinkling ban that is in effect between Memorial Day and Labor Day each summer and includes the following restrictions:

  • Residents with addresses ending in an odd number can water their yards on odd numbered days and residents with addresses ending in an even number can water their yards on even numbered days.
  • Due to the large quantity of water than can be lost due to evaporation, no watering is permitted between the hours of 10 A.M. and 8 P.M.
  • Certain exemptions to watering restrictions are allowed, including:
    • Newly sodded/seeded yards are exempt from the odd/even restrictions for a period of two (2) weeks (No watering between noon and 6 p.m.).
    • Over seeding or spot repair of existing, established yards may be watered daily with a hand controlled hose (No watering between noon and 6 p.m.).
    • Car washing, filling of children’s swimming pools and children playing in hose operated sprinklers or water toys are exempt from all watering restrictions.

Irrigation Systems

All properties that utilize in-ground irrigation systems and are served by the municipal water system are subject to the current water restrictions. All irrigation systems, regardless of whether the property is served by the municipal water system or private well, are subject to the following requirements:

  • Irrigation permit is required prior to installation of the system.
  • Backflow prevention device is required.
  • Rain sensors are required to prevent irrigation systems from operating during rain events.


Any new construction of a principal structure, including single family homes, multi-family buildings and commercial and industrial buildings now require the installation of four (4) inches of topsoil across all distributed areas. Topsoil, especially topsoil with a high organic content, has a much higher water holding capacity than the sandy soils typically found in our area. Topsoil is defined as black dirt composed of unconsolidated material, largely undecomposed organic matter that is a suitable foundation for vegetative growth. The composition of topsoil should contain no more than 35 percent sand content.