Limiting the Spread of the Emerald Ash Borer

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is the agency responsible for preparing for EAB in our state. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will also be involved in the state’s response to EAB. Local governments are contributing by helping educate the public about EAB and what can be done.

What You Can Do

Following are some basic actions that you can do to help limit the spread of EAB:

  • Monitor Ash Trees - Learn the symptoms of EAB and report any suspicious signs. There is a lot of information on EAB available online including at the following websites:
  • Contact the City or the MDA - If you believe you have a tree(s) infested with EAB call the City of Ramsey City Planner at 763-433-9817 or the MDA’s Arrest the Pest hotline at 651-201-6684
  • Don’t transport firewood - One means of controlling the spread of EAB is implementing quarantines in areas where the insect has been discovered. This helps prevent EAB from moving to new areas by hitching a ride on firewood. For the protection of the community’s ash trees, please don’t bring ash firewood into the City!