Mississippi River Trail

Talk about an unforgettable bicycle adventure! A map of the Mississippi River bicycle route is available for download via. See America’s river start at Lake Itasca where it is little more than a stream and watch it grow and gain momentum until it forms the bluff lined valley to the south of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Bike the Mississippi

Ride it all or just enjoy a segment or two. The Mississippi River Trail provides opportunities tailored for bicyclists of all types and ages to follow America’s great river. Minnesota’s portion of the ten-state bikeway starts at the river’s source in Itasca State Park, where the water is just ankle-deep and a narrow small stream. 

The route winds over 600 miles along the river and its various tributaries to the Iowa border, while passing through valleys, bluffs, prairies, and woodlands. The bikeway - from its Minnesota source and traveling downstream to the Delta Region at the Gulf of Mexico - is nearly 3,000 miles long.

Experience More

When traveling the Mississippi River at the pace and intimacy of a bicycle, you will see what many tourists never will. You will be immersed in the river’s way of life -and share with your family and friends a route filled with history, enchantment, and remarkable adventure!

Minnesota’s route primarily relies on road shoulders and low-traffic roads, but also includes relatively long segments of scenic state and regional trails. You can match travel to your needs and desires - there is something for everyone - come experience and enjoy the river.

Map & Additional Information

View the Ramsey area map (PDF) or visit Minnesota Department of Transportation's website for more information on the Mississippi River Trail.

Mississippi River Trail (MRT) sign
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Minnesota State map of the Mississippi River Trail