Natural Resources & Environment

Natural Resource Management

Ramsey is home to some wonderful natural resources, including:

  • Mississippi River
  • Myriad wetlands
  • Open spaces
  • Rum River
  • Trott Brook
  • Woodlands

Through recent public engagement for the City's Comprehensive Plan, residents have identified natural resources and open spaces as a key feature of the City, which also help maintain the rural character of the community. In recognizing the importance of natural resources to residents and the benefits provided by these natural resources, the Community Development Department employs a City Planner to assist individual property owners and neighborhood groups with access to technical information, ordinances, best practices, and other resources related to ecological health and natural resource management.

This position also coordinates the shade tree disease management and Tree City USA programs for the City as well. The City Planner also serves as the staff liaison to the Environmental Policy Board, which is an advisory board for the City Council.

Natural Resources Inventory

In past community surveys, the residents of Ramsey have identified the preservation of natural areas and open space as a priority. In an attempt to better understand the quantity and quality of natural areas, the City of Ramsey completed a Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) to identify and evaluate natural areas within the community. The information gathered through this inventory can help achieve the community's goal of preserving natural areas and open space.

A detailed report (PDF) and accompanying map (TIF) of natural areas were prepared in 2007 as part of the NRI process.

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