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Parks and Recreation

The City of Ramsey is approximately 29 square miles in area, has a population of approximately 23,500, and is fortunate to be known for its natural resources. More than half of the City borders the Rum and Mississippi Rivers, and over 15 percent of its area is protected wetlands.

Establishing parks and creating quality recreational and open space opportunities remains a high priority for the City. There are approximately 500 acres of existing municipal parkland and two regional parks with varying amenities, creating a comprehensive system with many diverse opportunities to recreate and enjoy the natural environment.

Planning, development, and maintenance of the City's public land is entrusted to the parks department, and responsible for approximately 565 acres of park and trail corridors, with much of it still in its natural state. Services performed by the department include landscaping, mowing, planting, athletic field maintenance, construction of new or maintenance of existing parks, and enhancement and restoration of natural resources. More than 20,000 staff hours are invested in the park and trail system maintenance each year, with 10,000 of these hours contributed by high school and college students in the summer.

The Draw Park

The Draw

The City’s newest park, The Draw, is approximately 7 acres in size and is a blend of natural and planned open space for programmed activities, hardscape, and passive uses. It is located in the east central area of the 420 acre COR Development, with residential uses along its north border and primarily mixed uses and community spaces along the south border.

The park includes an amphitheater, with seating for 300, a water feature that also serves as a stormwater element for the overall development, memorial garden/promenade, public art, pedestrian links (trails, sidewalks and bridges), a reconstructed wetland classroom for ecological education, and passive open spaces. Additionally, there are three locations with scenic overlooks along the trails and the wetlands.

This park will preserve green space for recreation and natural filtration of stormwater, as well as establishing a corridor connection for wildlife.

the park will capture surface runoff from a portion of the overall development, as a means of water conservation and re-circulation to irrigate this park space, and potentially be expanded to include additional public common areas in the future.

A network of trails that link The COR to the regional parks and trail system connects the park. The Draw provides visual relief for COR residents and visitors alike; ensuring the livability and lasting vitality of the entire development.

GoAnoka County




The Anoka County Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) is a part of Minnesota's SHIP, an integral part of Minnesota's nation-leading 2008 health reform law, which strives to help Anoka County residents lead longer, healthier lives by preventing the chronic disease risk factors of tobacco use and exposure, poor nutrition and physical inactivity. Go Anoka County was made possible through SHIP funding from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Go Anoka County is an online resource filled with information that identifies opportunities to engage in physical activity such as; biking or walking for transportation, exercising for pleasure, playing in the park, and/or using public recreation opportunities and facilities.

Our goal is to:
• Increase awareness, promote access and make it convenient for people to find places to be physically active
• Increase awareness of public parks and recreational facilities
• Encourage walking and biking
• Enhance resident quality of life

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