Hunting & Target Shooting in Ramsey

Ramsey City Code restricts the discharge of firearms within the City. Applications may be made to the Police Department to grant hunting or target shooting privileges. Permits will be issued at the discretion of the Chief of Police.


The property/land owner must submit a “LANDOWNER APPLICATION,” to include a list of persons authorized to hunt or target shoot on the property.


In addition to the landowner application, each hunter or target shooter must submit a “HUNTER APPLICATION”(A police department issued Landowner Permit must be on file prior to approval of any hunter applications.)

The “Hunter Application” must include:

  • a copy of a permission letter from the landowner if the hunter was not listed as part of the Landowner Application.
  • a $5.00 processing fee must be submitted with each hunter application.

Applications must be submitted 15 days in advance.

Hunting permits will be issued only for the period of the current State of Minnesota hunting seasons.

Hunters must possess all applicable State of Minnesota hunting licenses, as well as a gun safety certificate if required by state statute.

Target shooting permits must be renewed annually.