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The mission of the Community Development Department is to guide residential and commercial growth through comprehensive planning processes and administer the city's building and zoning codes in an equitable and professional manner to promote and sustain public safety, quality of life, and the health and well-being of the whole community.

The Ramsey Community Development Department undertakes a wide array of functions that focus on the physical, economic, and social development of our community. Core services that the Department provides include inspections for all new and remodeled structures, residential and commercial subdivision review, zoning interpretation and compliance, residential recycling administration, environmental education, marketing, promotion, and implementation of business development opportunities, and long range planning for our community. Community Development Staff also interacts with and receives guidance and direction from the Ramsey City Council, Planning Commission, Environmental Policy Board, and the Economic Development Authority (EDA) while providing their services to the overall community. This webpage is designed to provide the community with timely and important information on a wide range issues. Individuals wishing further details on issues or projects managed by the Community Development Department should feel free to communicate with the person listed as the staff at the bottom of this page.

Have a Zoning related question? (What can I build? What uses are allowed on my property)? Click Here.

The Community Development Department consists of two (2) divisions: the Planning Division and the Building Division. The Community Development Department also coordinates with Economic Development Staff on a number of projects.

The Planning Division (visit the Planning Division page)
The Planning Division's function is to prepare and implement the City's Comprehensive Plan (the City's land use guide) and comprises of two (2) major functions: long-range land use planning and zoning administration. The tools used to implement the Comprehensive Plan are commonly referred to as the zoning regulations and they can be found in their entirety in Chapter 117 (Zoning and Subdivision of Land) of the City Code. Planning staff is responsible for administering and enforcing the zoning regulations. They also process applications for comprehensive plan amendments, subdivisions, zoning amendments, site plans, variances, conditional use permits, sign permits, dog kennel licenses, easement vacations, home occupation permits, etc. Other functions of the planning area include long range planning, administering community development block grant projects, management of the recycling program and code enforcement relating to property maintenance.

The Planning Division also includes certain environmental services functions as well. Ecological health and natural resource management inquires may be answered by the City Planner. (click here to be directed to the Environmental Services webpage)

The Building Division (visit the Building Division page)
The Building Division's purpose is to ensure all construction projects meet the requirements of both the Minnesota State Building Code and the City Zoning regulations. For permit inquiries, please contact the Building Division for building related permits or the Planning Division for planning and zoning related permits. For inquiries on permits and permitting visit the Permits page.

Economic Development (visit the Economic Development page)
The Community Development Department also coordinates with Economic Development Staff from the City's Administrative Services Division. The function of Economic Development is to promote and market available industrial and commercial land for development in the city.

Have a Zoning related question? (What can I build? What uses are allowed on my property)? Click Here.

Please direct all initial inquiries to 763.433.9824 or email the Planning Division for quickest response.

Community Development Director - Tim Gladhill

Tim Gladhill
Community Development Director
ED Manager Brama Patrick Brama
Economic Development Manager /Assistant to the City Administrator


Planning Building  

Chris Anderson
City Planner

Rick Jarson
Building Official


Chloe McGuire Brigl
City Planner

Katy Hauan
Building Inspection Technician
JoAnn Shaw
Community Development Assistant

Ellen Krueger
Permit Technician Assistant