Alarm Systems

False alarms and frivolous 911 calls and pranks such as phony bomb threats are overwhelming the emergency response system nationwide. These incidents are more than an inconvenience — they monopolize the time and energy of emergency personnel, at the expense of real life-or-death emergencies.

In 2012, the police department received 369 alarm calls, and less than one percent of those resulted in actual crimes or medical situations.  Every alarm call requires two responding officers and approximately 20 minutes of time.

If the police department responds to more than two (2) false police or fire alarms within a calendar year, an administrative civil penalty will be imposed. The Ramsey city Council sets the amount of the penalty.  Additional penalties will be imposed for each additional false alarm during that year.

Alarms activated by conditions such as snow, rain, mist, or fog are considered false alarms for the purposes of this section, but do not include alarms caused by severe climatic conditions such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, utility line mishaps, or other violent conditions of nature.

False alarms will also be excused if they are a result of an effort or order to upgrade, install, test or maintain an alarm system and if the Police or Fire Department is given adequate notice in advance of said upgrade, installation, testing and maintenance.

Reducing RESIDENTIAL False Alarms

Reducing COMMERCIAL False Alarms

If you need assistance in determining alarm issues, the police department can help you with an alarm audit.