Meter Replacement FAQ's

The City of Ramsey Water Meter Replacement Policy: Frequently Asked Questions

Why must my water meter be replaced?
Water meters like any device with moving parts eventually wear out. 

How long will the exchange take?
The entire process will be between 15-30 minutes.

How much will this cost me?
There is no charge for this exchange.

Where is my water meter?
Water meters are located in your basement typically in the laundry/utility room.

What is a radio read water meter?
A radio read meter is a wireless meter that sends a meter reading to a drive by receiver.

Why is the City of Ramsey replacing water meters to the radio read type?
This technology makes it possible to get fast accurate readings, it also eliminates the need to enter thousands of backyards and businesses since the reading can now be gathered by simply driving by your home or business.

Who will replace my water meter?
A City of Ramsey employee will be doing all the work, they will be driving a vehicle with city markings and have a City of Ramsey badge for identification.

Does my water meter need to be replaced?
Yes all water meters in the city will be replaced to make the program successful.

What if my water meter is relatively new?
Newer water meters will only need the register replaced. We will still have to gain assess to the meter to complete this action. 

What happens to my old meter?
The readings will be logged to assure a correct billing cycle and then the meter will be recycled.

When should I call to make an appointment?
You should call as soon as you receive a letter. This will assure you get a time that is convenient for you.

What number should I call to make an appointment?
You must call 763.433.9820 from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

What hours are available for this Replacement?
Utility personal will be available from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday thru Friday.

What if these hours don’t work for me?
Special accommodations can be made.

What will happen to the old remote register currently attached to my house?
City of Ramsey utility staff will be removing the device.

What will happen to the wire that went from the meter to outside?
City of Ramsey utility staff will remove as much if the wire as possible from your home. Please note: sometimes the wire will be left if the walls and ceilings are finished.

How long will this new meter last?
The new meter has a twenty year warranty on the batteries.

Any additional questions can be answered by emailing the Utility Supervisor John Nelson, or calling at 763.433.9861.