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  1. Business Spotlight Form

    Congratulations! Your business has been selected to be featured in our Ramsey Resident Business Spotlight article. We would like to... More…

  2. Election Judge Application/Information Update
  1. Charter Commission Application Form

    Charter Commission Application Form

City Events

  1. 2019 Business of the Year Questionnaire

    The City of Ramsey Economic Development Authority selects a Business of the Year for recognition at the annual EDA Golf Event. As a... More…

  2. Vacation Home Check

    Request the Police Department to check on your home while you are away.

  1. 2020 Business Expo Application

    Exhibitor application for 2020 Ramsey Business Expo


  1. Road Funding Options Public Comment Form

    The City is looking into its existing Pavement Management Plan (PMP); specifically, how Ramsey’s roads are funded and if the current... More…