Finance Department

The Department of Finance provides fiscal management, processing, reporting and maintenance of all accounting transactions of the City. Finance is responsible for the processing of the yearly budget, capital improvement program, comprehensive annual financial report, special assessments, payroll and investments of all City funds.

In the News... City's Bond Rating Upgraded
In 2009, the City’s bond rating was upgraded by Standard and Poor's (S&P) to AA+ and reaffirmed in July 2014. This rating denotes a high credit-quality investment grade. Only 12 other municipalities in the State of Minnesota have received this rating. Out of 112 municipalities in the State of Minnesota rated by S&P, only 22 have received a rating of AA+ or higher.

Many factors go into the rating process including economic diversity, financial performance and flexibility, debt burden, and financial management practices. The City’s ability to implement timely and sound financial and operational decisions in response to economic and fiscal demands is a primary determinant of changes in credit quality. An outstanding credit rating keeps the cost of financing capital projects as low as possible providing a substantial savings to taxpayers.

Special Assessments
If you have questions regarding a special assessment on your property, please contact Cindy Nelson at 763.433.9822 to obtain information about the payoff amount. Please note that a special assessment is a lien against the property for payment of an improvement to the property by the City (such as street reconstruction).

Financial Reports 
A printed copy of the current Adopted Annual Budget, Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) are available for review at Ramsey Municipal Center located at 7550 Sunwood Drive in Ramsey. An online version is available for viewing by clicking on the related link under Finance in the menu below.

Main Phone Number: 763.427.1410
Fax Phone Number: 763.427.5543

State Sales Tax Exemption Form ST-3
Effective January 1, 2014, all city government entities will be exempt from state sales tax. This includes general sales tax, conservation and arts tax, and the already exempted county transit tax. View a copy of our completed ST-3 Certification of Exemption from.


Annual Budget

2018 General Fund/Levy Summary

Capital Improvement Plan

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

Rates and Charges

Utility Billing

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Finance Department Staff

   Diana Lund
   Finance Director
   Phone: 763.433.9847

   Angie McIntire
   Assistant Finance Director
   Phone: 763.433.9823  




   Cindy Nelson
   Accountant I
   Phone: 763.433.9822  



   Jackie Lipski
   Accounting Clerk
   Phone: 763.433.9811  





Finance Department Mission Statement

The Finance Department's principle functions include general accounting, budget administration, payroll, debt management, investments, asset management, and financial reporting. In the spirit of excellence, accountability, and commitment, our mission is:

  • Providing an outstanding level of service and support to our governing body, employees, taxpayers, and businesses.
  • Maintaining the highest level of ethical standards.
  • Protecting the city's assets with conservative and accountable fiscal management.
  • Ensuring compliance to generally accepted accounting principles as well as state and federal regulations.