Ramsey Police Department Citizen's Academy Application Packet

Academy Dates: September 6 – October 18, 2017
Day/Time: Wednesdays, 6 – 9 pm
Application Deadline: August 2, 2017

Program Purpose:
The Ramsey Police Citizen's Academy is an intensive and interactive hands on nine-week course. Each evening class lasts approximately three hours. The goal of the academy is to develop positive police/community relationships and expose participants to information and experiences that demonstrate our police operations.

We hope to develop partnerships with participants that will strengthen police/community relationships. This academy is an opportunity to increase communication and ongoing information sharing with participants, and reduce misunderstandings regarding police operations. We encourage participants to share their ideas on how to control and prevent crime in the community. In return, we hope participants will use their experiences in the academy to educate others.

Our officers are looking forward to working with and getting to know citizens outside of their normal law enforcement work environment. If you are willing to make a commitment and become an involved citizen, we encourage you to accept this invitation to apply to attend the Ramsey Police Citizen's Academy. We’d love to have you help make Ramsey a better place in which to live and work.


Download the application packet here.