Autumn Heights Street Reconstructions IP22-02

Update March 25, 2022

Staff is currently developing plans for this reconstruction project. Staff encourages impacted residents to contact us with questions or input regarding this project. Please contact project design engineer Joe Feriancek by email or by phone at 763-433-9893.


On July 13, 2021, the Ramsey City Council ordered the City Engineer to request proposals for Topographic Survey, Geotechnical Evaluations and Utility Testing for proposed 2022 Pavement Management Program (PMP) projects, including IP 22-02. On August 8, 2021, the Ramsey City Council awarded a proposal to Hakanson Anderson for topographic survey, and Haugo Geotechnical Services for a geotechnical report of the project area.

Engineering Staff has completed an initial review of the topographic survey and geotechnical report, determining the requirements of the proposals have been met. The initial review of the geotechnical report revealed sub-base materials consisting primarily of poorly-graded sand and poorly graded sand with silt. These materials are generally well suited for street construction, though silty materials can be susceptible to frost-heave, particularly when the soils are unable to drain. Staff has done field visits of the site and the existing pavement appears not to have been negatively impacted by the silty materials for the majority of the project, though 168th Lane southeast of 167th Lane may require some corrections. The geotechnical report revealed groundwater closer to the pavement surface, approximately 5 feet below at time of soil boring, and these wet, less drainable soils likely a factor in the pavement appearing to rut, which is differential settling across the pavement surface. The report and any proposed improvements will be explored further during project design.

The streets within Autumn Heights subdivision were included in the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Pavement Evaluation performed by Braun Intertec. This data provides bituminous and aggregate base thickness information. .

The streets within Autumn Heights are 24 feet wide, rural section streets. These streets are proposed to be reconstructed to the City’s current standard residential street design, with a minimum 4 inches aggregate base and 3.5 inches new bituminous pavement. Due to the underlying soils, Staff is proposing to use the full-depth reclamation process, remove excess reclamation material leaving a minimum of 4 inches to be re-used as aggregate base, and place 3.5 inches of new bituminous pavement on top. The proposed street alignment and profile will generally be unchanged.

Municipal sanitary sewer and watermain do not exist within the project area, and are not proposed to be extended with this project. Stormwater runoff is handled through the existing drainage swales along both sides of the streets, with street crossing culverts connecting the ditches. Storm water is generally carried south towards Trott Brook. Staff is unaware of drainage issues or concerns with the existing drainage swales which would require re-graded. Beyond touch up work required do to replacing the street crossing culverts, grade changes to the swales are not proposed, however, this will be reviewed during project design.

Estimated project costs per the proposed 2022 – 2031 CIP are $984,000. Estimated costs include 23-percent indirect costs for administrative, engineering, finance and legal costs. Staff created the plans and specifications for the project in-house as part of their normal duties.

The street improvements proposed with this project are identified in the City’s current 10-year CIP, and can be funded using a combination of Pavement Management Funds, and Storm Water Utility Funds. This project would best be constructed as a stand-alone project and is necessary, feasible, and cost-effective from an engineering standpoint, and can be constructed as proposed herein.

Funding for this improvement is proposed to come from the Pavement Management Fund and Stormwater Utility Fund.

  • (PMP) Street Project Cost      $895,000
  • Storm Sewer Project Cost      $89,000
  • Total Estimated Project Cost  $984,000

Staff encourages impacted residents to contact us with question or input regarding this project. Please contact project design engineer Joe Feriancek by email or by phone at 763-433-9893.