Tiger Street Reconstruction IP 21-02

Construction Update

Update July 9, 2021

A firm schedule for this project has not yet been set by the Contractor, however, the Contractor is anticipating to start work the week of August 2 – 6, and will substantially complete their work by September 3, 2021. An update letter was mailed to property owners directly impacted by this project and can be seen here.

The estimated project phasing for this project is as follows:

  1. Install silt fence along the project (1 day)
  2. Sawcut driveways and side streets at the proposed tie-in points (1day)
  3. Remove the pavement and gravel, opening up 100 – 200-foot sections at a time (2 – 5 days)
  4. Bring in new gravel, following the removal process and subgrade inspection (2 – 5 days)
  5. Tie-in driveways, concrete driveways will require 7 days to cure (1 – 2 weeks)
  6. Pave the first lift of new bituminous pavement (1 day)
  7. Bring in topsoil and restore disturbed areas (2 – 5 days)
  8. Pave the final lift of new bituminous pavement (1 day)
  9. Pavement markings (1 day)

These phasing timelines are estimates and are subject to change. 

During construction, access to all properties will still be available within the subdivision, though during the day there may be times where drive-in access is limited.

Private lawn irrigation systems and inground invisible dog fences may be impacted by this work. Relocating and/or repairing systems within public right of ways as needed to accommodate construction is the responsibility of the property owner. If you have a below ground irrigation system or invisible fence, please mark your pipes, wires, and or sprinkler heads with flags or stakes to assist the Contractor in preventing or minimizing damage to your system during construction. Free flags are available at the Engineering Department in the Ramsey Municipal Center located on the 2nd floor at the above address. To help ensure that your system will not be damaged during this project, please relocate sprinkler heads and other system components located within the construction limits, which City Staff will locate for you upon request.

For questions related to construction of the project, including special access needs or concerns, please contact Aaron Madsen, the City’s construction inspector, by phone at 763-286-2579 or by email at amadsen@cityoframsey.com.

For questions related to the project in general, please contact Joe Feriancek, the design engineer by phone at 763-433-9893 or by email at jferiancek@cityoframsey.com

Update June 16, 2021

On June 15, 2021 a preconstruction meeting was held for this 2021 Pavement Management Program project. At this meeting, North Valley provided information to the City including contact information, a materials suppliers list, dates of upcoming construction work, their anticipated hours and methods of construction, their traffic control plans, and other general construction information.

A firm construction start date for this project is not set. North Valley is the Contractor on additional City improvement projects this summer, and plan to mobilize to Tiger Street following work on the Business Park 95 Street Reconstructions. The Contractor generally believes work will start in late July or early August. The project is anticipated to take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete, though there are many factors, including weather and subsoil conditions which may impact the project duration.

The City will send out an updated project schedule once an accurate timeline is known.

Please contact City project inspector Aaron Madsen by email amadsen@cityoframsey.com or by phone at 763-286-2579 with any questions, special needs or request related to construction. 

Please contact project design engineer Joe Feriancek by email jferiancek@cityoframsey.com or by phone at 763-433-9893 for any concerns or questions related to this project.

Update May 26, 2021

On Tuesday May 25, the Ramsey City Council awarded a construction contract to the lowest responsible bidder, North Valley, Inc. for City Improvement Project #21-02; Tiger Street Reconstruction. The total bid was for $224,552.19, coming in 26% below the engineer’s estimate of $302,770.50. Staff has begun working with the contractor to get the required documentation complete, and to set up a preconstruction meeting, with expectation of construction starting in early June. A letter was mailed out to effected property owners on May 26, 2021 and can be seen here.

The plans for the Tiger Street Reconstruction project can be seen here.

The City is committed to working cooperatively with property owners and the general public to minimize concerns and impacts during construction. Please feel free to email Joe Feriancek or call at 763-433-9893 for any concerns or questions related to this project.

Background Information 

Updated April 14, 2021

The City of Ramsey prepared plans and specifications for Improvement Project 21-02, Tiger Street Reconstruction. 

On April 13, 2021, Ramsey City Council adopted Resolution #21-085 Approving Plans and Specifications, and Authorizing Advertisement for Bids. The advertisement for bids will be published on Friday, April 16, and April 23, 2021 in both the Anoka Union Herald and Finance & Commerce. Potential bidders may purchase the plans and specifications, and submit there bids through QuestCDN.com. Staff proposes to open bids on May 12, 2021, and to present the bid results to the City Council on May 25, 2021 for award of a construction contract to the lowest responsible bidder. 

Letters were mailed to property owners on January 28th, notifying them of the proposed reconstruction. This project webpage will be updated as the project progresses, and is the best place to find the latest information on the project.

The City is committed to working cooperatively with property owners and the general public to minimize concerns and impacts during construction. Please feel free to email Joe Feriancek or call at 763-433-9893 for any concerns or questions related to this project. 

Updated February 25, 2021

On January 12, 2021, the Ramsey City Council ordered plans and specifications for City Improvement Project #21-02, Tiger Street Reconstruction, which proposes to reconstruct Tiger Street between Armstrong Boulevard and 173rd Avenue in 2021. The street totals approximately 2,300 linear feet (0.43 miles) in length, and is generally 24-feet wide. Property owners will not be assessed for any of the costs for these improvements.


The 2021 – 2030 Capital Improvement Program, adopted on December 8, 2020 by the Ramsey City Council, identifies Tiger Street for reconstruction in 2021.


On November 10, 2020, the Ramsey City Council authorized Staff to execute proposals from Bolton & Menk, Inc. for the required topographic survey, and from Chosen Valley Testing (CVT) for required geotechnical work. The CVT Geotechnical Report can be viewed here. The geotechnical report generally found clean sand below the existing bituminous and gravel pavement section, however 3 of the 10 borings found ½ foot or less of possible buried topsoil below the pavement materials. These topsoil materials are recommended to be removed prior to placement of new aggregate base and bituminous pavement.


In 2017, Tiger Street was included in the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Pavement Evaluation performed by Braun Intertec. This GPR data provides bituminous and aggregate base thickness information at one-foot increments along the entire street segment. On average, 2.5 inches of bituminous pavement and 3.3-inches of aggregate base exist along this street. 


Nine (9) properties have direct access to Tiger Street. Traffic counts taken by Staff in the fall of 2020 found an ADT of 573 north of Armstrong Boulevard, and 399 south of 173rd Avenue.


Tiger Street is not currently a Municipal State Aid (MSA) street but Tiger Street functions as a collector street so Staff feels this street segment would be an excellent candidate to be added to the MSA street inventory in the future. For future consideration as an MSA street, Tiger Street must be reconstructed to a 10-ton pavement design strength, which Staff feels is reasonable considering that Tiger Street functions as a collector street. To achieve a 10-ton design, the total pavement and aggregate base section depth would increase from the City street standard of 7.5 inches (3.5-inches bituminous pavement over 4-inches aggregate base) to 10 inches (4-inches bituminous pavement over 6-inches aggregate base). 


Municipal utilities (sanitary sewer and water supply) do not exist in the project area and are not proposed to be extended to the project area with this project. Stormwater runoff is directed into drainage ditches along both sides of Tiger Street. There are no known issues with stormwater management in the project area and no improvements to existing drainage ditches are proposed with this project. During design, Staff will further evaluate stormwater management to determine if any stormwater improvements are necessary.


Tentative Project schedule
April 27th – Approve Plans and Specifications / Authorize Ads for Bids
Early May – Publish Ads for Bids
May 25th, – Bid opening
June 8th – Accept Bids / Award Contract
Early June – Begin construction

September 3rd  – Substantial completion

September 30th - Contractor Completes Construction

Click here to view a figure showing the scope of this project. A link to the construction plans will be provided on this web page when plans are approved.

The engineer’s opinion of probable project costs for the proposed improvements is $380,000, which includes 10-percent contingency costs and 23-percent indirect costs for administrative, engineering, finance and legal costs.


The street improvements proposed with this project are proposed to be funded using a combination of Pavement Management Funds and Stormwater Utility Funds as noted in the CIP. Again, property owners will not be assessed for these improvements.

Property owners will not be assessed for any of the costs for these improvements.

As identified in the 2021 - 2030 CIP, proposed funding sources for this improvement include the Pavement Management Fund and the Stormwater Utility Fund.  Based on Staff's project cost estimate, each source is proposed to fund the following amounts.

  • Street Project Cost                 $360,000
  • Storm Sewer Project Cost      $  20,000

City Council has not approved the final project.