Recycling is a great way to combat the growing demand on our natural resources. Recycling helps conserve our natural resources and reduces the amount of materials entering landfills. Furthermore, using recycled materials in the manufacturing process consumes less energy and reduces pollution.

About Recycling

State law requires municipalities to ensure that residents have access to an opportunity to recycle. The City of Ramsey accomplishes this through a contract with ACE Solid Waste for the curbside collection of residentially generated recyclables. Each household is charged $2.95 per month for recycling, which is billed on a quarterly basis along with the City’s other utilities.

Acceptable Materials

There are four (4) broad categories of materials collected through the curbside recycling program including paper, food and beverage glass, plastic containers with a neck, and metal/tin/aluminum cans. View a complete list of acceptable materials and preparation (PDF).


Recyclable materials are collected on alternating Mondays for each half of the City. The City is currently divided into east and west sections along Sunfish Lake Boulevard and Nowthen Boulevard. View a map of the City (PDF). Recycling bins must be placed out at the street by 6:30 a.m. on the scheduled day of collection.


The City of Ramsey also sponsors two (2) recycling day events as well. They are typically held the first Saturday in May and the last Saturday in September. Details on the Spring/Fall Recycling events can be found here. The purpose of these events is to provide residents an opportunity to properly dispose of items not generally accepted through the curbside recycling program.